Arts and Culture Festival 15-19 August 2016

A word from the principal

Mr Vos

Sundays River Primary School Principal: Mr J.P.P. Vos

Message from the Principal’s Office: 

Mr. J.P.P. Vos

Welcome to the new website of Sundays River Primary School. It is a special privilege to have a brand new website to be proud of. Here, you will be able to find more about the school, staff and about special events on our school calendar. If you like to have more information, you are welcome to contact us telephonically, or simply by clicking on the “contact us” link to send us an e-mail. Alternatively, you can contact the responsible person directly from the web page you wish to have more information about for example: if you browse the Art and Culture page and wish to submit an enquiry about any aspect thereof, then you can use the link provided on that page. That link will deliver your enquiry directly to the Head of Art and Culture. We have implemented this system to prevent queries that travel through all irrelevant channels and hereby wish to provide you with quick and efficient service.

If you are interested to place an advertisement on our website, you can contact the school office, or by sending an e-mail with your details so that we may contact you and make the necessary arrangements. All advertisements are handled by one of our staff members. All teaching staff is involved in other activities, projects, festivals etc. In each category on this website you will find pictures, details and a direct e-mail link to the responsible staff member.

I trust that you will enjoy this new website of ours, just as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

Mr J.P.P. Vos
Sundays River Primary