Arts and Culture Festival 15-19 August 2016


1. We are the only school in the Sundays River Valley with a swimming pool with shower and toilet facilities together with three access gates.

2. We have 22 flat-screen computers in our computer department. We also offer extra Reading and Mathematics lessons in the computer room.

3. We have a separate Art Class.

4. We have a Music Department.

5. 11 of our Staff Members are qualified to assist with First Aid Medical issues.

6. We have 2 qualified remedial teachers.

7. We have a massive Sports Venue. The Venue is also available for hire. More information can be obtained from the Principal (Mr J.P.P. Vos), Mr Korkie or the secretary.

8. There are floodlights next to our rugby veld and netball courts. Evening league for 7-man rugby and netball every Wednesday evening.

9. Assembly wall: The wall is equipped with a computerized sound system and a digital projector. Furthermore it is equipped with various colour lights on stage as well as double stage lights for the purpose of concerts, plays etc. The wall is spacious and can seat approximately 350 guests. The wall is also available for hiring purposes. More information can be obtained from our secretary.

10. Our library is equipped with various educational books and is also equipped with internet which is used by learners for research.

11. A fully equipped computer room with internet access for each computer with a total of 24 computers.

12. Kiosk: Our Kiosk has been privatized since the beginning of 2013 and is operational on a daily basis during breaks.

13. Further enquiries can be directed to the Secretary

Sport Facility available for weddings, birthday parties, conferences etc.

Sport Facility available for weddings, birthday parties, conferences etc.