Arts and Culture Festival 15-19 August 2016


The following activities are available at Sundays River Primary School:

1. Play Gholf – Private lessons are given by Ms Claudia Mote.

2. Ballet: Professional Ballet Classes are given every Friday to 15 learners by Ms Lisle Rawlings.

3. Playball – Lessons are given and coordinated by Ms Lesley Watson

4. Swimrite – Swimming lessons for beginners as well as professional swimming lessons for advanced adults by MsHelen Walton.

5. Line-Dancing – This exciting activity is presented by Ms Karmen Pettit.

6. Chess – Ms Theresa Vos

7. Aerobics – Ms Vikki van der Merwe

8. Mathalon – Ms Theresa Vos

9. Spellathon – Ms Teresa Vos

10. Arts and Culture Olympiad – Mr C. Korkie

Experi-buddies is an educational program that make use of experiments to show toddlers that the world of Science can be lots of fun. This is done by interactive activities, easy demonstrations and experiments. Each week we introduce a “Scientist of the week” for example: Einstein, Edison, Fahrenheit etc. We aim to introduce science to the youngster at a very young age in order to teach them the important roles that these giants played in the past to make our lives today, much easier.

This is a private school on the grounds of Sundays River Primary School and serve as a feeding school for Sundays River Primary. This companionship stretches over a long time. Jolly Lollie has a total of 85 learners that is divided into different age groups that start at age 3 to Grade R. Each class is manned by a qualified teacher with an assistant. Outdoor activities include: computer classes, ballet, playball, music, swimming and science.

The official website of Jolly Lollie can be visited at:

Takes place weekly in sport period. During this lesson, learners come together for religious and emotional growth. Participation is not compulsory, but learners join this lesson in abundance. Learners are not prohibited to partake in sport activities. Various lessons are presented by means of quizzes, games and drama.

Education at Sundays River Primary School is based on sound Christian principles. The first 10 minutes of every day is given for Bible reading and prayer. Assembly happens every second Monday where a teacher will equip learners with a special religious message. Every second Friday we have a visit from the local minister to address learners

We are privileged to announce that we have after care every day from 14:30 – 17:00. We currently have 20 daily learners that make use of this opportunity. These classes are manned by a different staff member every day.

PIPS AND PEELS: Our school newspaper is compiled and distributed every end of term. With its funky, professional but modern look, it is packed with interesting articles, educational crossword puzzles, general knowledge quizzes, important dates, sponsors, prizes and a good variety of colour photos of every terms major events at Sundays River Primary School. The newspaper is informative, educational and a product that every learner is anxious to read. Please contact us should you wish to place an advertisement. Click on the link to browse or download the latest addition of Pips and Peels.


The foundation phase introduced a new physical education programme to our school.

The Grade 1’s and 2’s have physical education three times a week and grade 3’s twice a week. We aim to improve our learner’s gross motor skills and coordination, which shows a direct link to their academic improvement.

We introduce learners to a variety of sports such as tennis, soccer, cricket, rugby, hockey, netball, balancing activities as well as expressive movement.