Arts and Culture Festival 15-19 August 2016


Sundays River Primary School boasts a good variety of sport activities for learners to participate in. It is our belief that participation in sport activities aids to the well-being of every individual both physically and emotionally. Children engaged in sport and recreation does better academically and are more likely to enjoy school.
Health Benefits:
• Injury Prevention
• Primary prevention of some cancers
• Diabetes prevention and control
• Cardiovascular disease prevention
• Promotion better mental health.

Sport and recreation can help to divert young people from crime and anti-social behaviours. It can also target those young people most at risk of committing crime and aid their rehabilitation and development.

Sport and recreation provides the catalyst for community gatherings, from small functions to major events, where people play, talk and share experiences. Importantly It has a positive effect that reaches many levels of our society. Thus, it creates social capital. This is important, because “places with high levels of social capital are safer, better governed and more prosperous, compared to those places with low levels of social capital”- Robert Putnam.

Nelson Mandela