Arts and Culture Festival 15-19 August 2016



At Sundays River Primary School we are privileged to be the only school in the Sundays River Valley with a huge swimming pool. Therefore, it is important to us to ensure that all learners, when leaving Grade 7 for High School, is capable of swimming. During the swimming season, 4 days of the week is dedicated to swimming during sport period:

Monday – Seals (Beginners)
Tuesday – Fish (Semi-Beginners)
Wednesday – Dolphins (Gala swimmers)
Thursday – Sharks (Intermediary Group)

We regularly participate at swimming galas in Port Elizabeth where our learners have the opportunity to participate against other swimmers from all over the Eastern Cape. We also host our annual inter-house swimming gala where our Red and Green teams compete against each other.

In 2013 we deviated from our normal swimming program. For the first time, our learners had the opportunity to swim “breedtes” to encourage mass participation and in order for learners to show what they accomplished during the swimming season. The good swimmers were still able to compete for trophies and certificates, of which they are very proud.

Trophee Winners:

Junior Victor Lodorum – Marinus Ferreira
Junior Victris Lodorum – Nina Mouton
Senior Victor Lodorum – Andre Slabbert
Senior Victrix Lodorum – Jasmine Jacobs