Arts and Culture Festival 15-19 August 2016



Our school choir is our proud and joy. At Sundays River Primary School we are honoured to have two school choirs: The Foundation Phase Choir consists of Foundation Phase learners and our very special Senior Choir consists of Grade 4 to Grade 7 learners. Our Senior Choir changed the face of repertoire for Primary School Choirs in our region by performing repertoire that requires special technique and dedication for proper performance.

Most of our learners are from rural communities and proved that songs in languages such as Afrikaans can be properly articulated. This was proven in 2012 when they sang songs like: Huisie by die See, Blouberg se Strand and Karoonag. Other repertoire includes songs such as: Plea for Africa, I believe, Enya’s Only Time and Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, the Negro Spiritual Joshua etc. The choir earned GOLD during the 2012 Art and Culture Festival, a GOLD MEDAL in 2013 and a GOLD MEDAL at the Arts and Culture Festival in 2014. Some of the songs were also performed at the annual inter-schools at Dr Viljoen in Port Elizabeth. Furthermore, the choir regularly perform at the Dutch Reformed Church in Kirkwood and Sunland. We were also privileged to perform twice in 2012 in combination with the well-known Valley Choir which consists of adults.

Our school choir already received three invitations in 2013 to perform at a private business function as well as to perform at two big schools in Port Elizabeth.

At the beginning of 2013 we changed the face of the school choir into a mass choir in preparation of the musical: Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. We will reconstruct our school choirs early in the 3rd Term for performances for the remainder of the year including the Arts and Culture Festival (the choir received a Gold Medal at the Festival in 2013 and 2014).
Sundays River Primary is not only proud of our Senior Choir but in 2013 we have also established a Junior Choir which consists of Foundation Phase learners (Grades 1 – 3). This beautiful choir consists of almost 50 choristers. The Foundation Phase Choir earned a Gold Diploma during the 2103 and 2014 Arts and Culture Festival held at Sundays River Primary School.

As with all school choirs, TIME is our biggest enemy as far as practicing is concerned and therefore we have a 3-day choir camp each year at Welgelegen Camps in order for choristers to learn the repertoire for the year in a peaceful and relaxed nature atmosphere.

• The Senior Choir is under the direction of Ms T. Vos and Mr C. Korkie
• The Junior Choir is under the direction of Ms N. Brazier and Mr C. Korkie