Arts and Culture Festival 15-19 August 2016

Arts and Culture Festival

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This Festival is certainly becoming, at lightning speed, one of the biggest highlights on our school calendar and among the school learners in the Valley as one of the most sort after school festivals of the year.  The Art and Culture Festival started in 2012 on a small scale catering only for Primary Schools in the Sundays River Valley.  Very soon we realized that every detail of the Festival was planned to utmost perfection and we had an overwhelming response from neighbouring schools.  We have seen outstanding performances ranging from Music, Choirs, Individual Singing, Dances (in all varieties), written work, oral work, arts and crafts, photography etc.  Our adjudicators were impressed by the high standard of learners and spoke very highly of the Festival.  The adjudication process is not where everything ends.  We also invite outstanding individuals to perform during a public concert in the form of a Cheese and Wine function one week after the Festival.  This was a major attraction and a huge success.

The main purpose of this unique Arts and Culture Festival is to provide a platform to our young participants from all the different cultures to exhibit their respective talents in a good variety of categories. The aim is to develop, promote and sustain Arts and Culture in the Sundays River Valley and the Eastern Cape, and so doing to promote it for social cohesion, poverty alleviation, job creation, cultural development and preservation.

The success of the 2012 Festival inspired us to enlarge and refine the Festival and by so doing to open the Festival for all Pre-, Primary and Secondary Schools in the Uitenhage District for 2013.  The importance of such a Festival and the positive enthusiasm and passion by the Organizer, gave us enough reason to take further steps and to combine the Art and Culture Festival in 2013 with the well-known Citrus Festival.  The success of the 2013 Festival is another huge inspiration to change the Festival into a massive Eisteddfod in 2014 incorporating various traditional crafts, professional dances, Xhosa villages etc.  The syllabus of the Arts and Culture Festival 2015 is already planned, designed and printed.  Most of the schools already received the syllabus via post and/or electronically.  Already we have 19 schools that showed interest to participate later this year.  The Arts and Culture Festival will be from Monday 17th August to Friday 21st August 2015.  The complete 2015 Arts and Culture festival syllabus is available for download under “downloads”, or you are also welcome to visit the Facebook page:  Kuns- en Kultuurfees 2015 and download your copy from there.